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  1. Increase the qualifications, numbers and expertise of SME’S run by women
  2. Promote image of women entrepreneurs and development of women’s entrepreneurship
  3. Building of civil society and building increasing public participation in solutions to social and economic problems, activities and advocacy rights of women in Irkutsk Oblast/Region
  4. New methods of communication for WBA’s with Governments and Businesses through Forums, Committees, Ombudsman, serving as Expert Witnesses, Training, Seminars
  5. Build awareness of problem of multinational trafficking, gender issues, health issues for women, including breast cancer, drugs, AIDS.
Angara’s strategy is decided annually at the Angara Union Congress and every other year at the Angara led Forum in September, which is now an integral part of the Baikal Economic Forum.
  1. Diagnose needs of women’s problems before issue becomes crises (early warning systems). Angara has done this in drug addiction, formed demographic commission in 2007, venture capitalist; in 2003 conducted survey of Irkutsk with gender component, for the first time. It is now on the website of Irkutsk Oblast after the Government “took over – spin off” the survey.
  2. Provide roadmaps such as “How to Run a Business” or “What are the forms of Business Organization” or “How to form a tourism business”
  3. Create mechanisms to prevent further Trafficking and Violence Against Women, such as network of crises centers in Oblast, or Mother’s Against Drugs structures;
  4. Development of strategy to balance issues of economic development of Irkutsk resources with environmental problems and development of clean sectors such as tourism (one solution: separate zones for development).
  5. In 2002 Angara published “2002-2010 Program of Gender Development for Siberian Federal Districts (Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Buratyia, Yakutia, Novosibirsk, Chita, Omsk, Tomsk, Altai, etc.). It was the first manual on Gender and Society ever published in the Russian Federation and the project was funded by the Canadian Embassy in Moscow.
  6. Angara feels that one of the main issues for their stakeholders is convincing the authorities, civil society and public of the problems on multinational trafficking
  7. Since Angara is the “early warning system” for gender issues Irkutsk Oblast, eastern Siberia and the Russian Federation, they must provide the strategy, resources and solutions before their stakeholders understand the problem.
  8. New levels of communication with journalists through press releases, press requests, personal relations, events.
  9. Search for new strategies and mechanisms to implement solutions to problems.

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